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Alexandrian Wars

August 26th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Ancients, HPS, Wargames

I hate letting an ancient themed wargame slip by unnoticed.

HPS Simulations has just released Alexandrian Wars, the third game in their Ancient Warfare series. It’s a good series in general because it’s at the scale where the HPS engine doesn’t fall apart, though the UI is still twenty years behind the times.

There’s a campaign this time, too.

I’ll probably buy it some time next week.


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  • Dave

    “. . . though the UI is still twenty years behind the times.”

    Come on now, now you’re being charitable.

    The HPS guys always get VERY touchy when you complain about their graphics and UI to the point of taking it as a badge of honor that they’re stuck in 1994. Heaven forbid anyone ever complain about the *AI*, you’re just a jerk then :-).

    It’s a shame, as I’ve probably given HPS well over a grand in cash, and countless hours of my life. One would think that’d earn a little cred!

  • JonathanStrange

    I have Gallic Wars and Punic Wars – I’m such a Roman enthusiast that I play despite the graphics and UI and the AI.

    I wouldn’t recommend the games though unless you’re a Roman fan or living in the past. This “take it or leave it” type of product is effectively keeping HPS games a tiny niche product.

  • Troy

    Well, long time readers know that I love the period. I think I have more crappy ancients themed games than I do good Napoleon themed games.

    That said, having just played a few hours of Gallic Wars – a good game with a lot of good scenarios – HPS really needs to find a way to update its approach. I don’t think its coincidental that the best game to come out of the studio in the last few years (Defending the Reich) was not a hex based game at all.

    While I sort of admire their doggedness in refusing to bow to pressure outside their fan base, HPS could do so much good for wargaming if they took even a bit of the energy they put into scenario research and design into finding a way to update their interface. Double clicking, right click menus on the map, rollover tips in game, drag movement, more than two zoom levels…these aren’t frills anymore.

    None of this would be caving to the “graphics audience” or whatever they perceive the enemy to be. It would be accepting that wargamers want as few barriers between themselves and the battles.

    But yes, I will buy Alexandrian Wars instead of voting with my wallet. I’m a sucker like that.

  • JonathanStrange

    Oh, I’ll buy too at some point in the next two or three months. There’s no rush though, it’s not as if I expect thrilling innovations that must be seen to be believed.