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Out of the Park Baseball Draft

July 26th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 9 Comments · Baseball

Yesterday, we had our opening draft for the OOTP 10 Baseball league I am in. These things take forever in person. I only sat through three rounds, and that took three hours. Apparently they went for six more rounds and six more hours. So my roster is nowhere near complete, though I thank Bill Abner for not sticking me with crappy pitchers.

Given how popular online leagues are, it’s a little disappointing that OOTP doesn’t have a real online draft system that works without everyone compiling a draft list of 500 players or so. If our league had any confidence in the computer draft system, we could have done that.

As it stands now, I like my rotation and I have a stud middle reliever who only needs one more average pitch to become a starter – he has a 10 fastball, a 10 splitter and a 10 stamina. But he’ll need a third pitch to become effective as a SP. Good news – he’s 22 and has time to do that. Bad news – he may never develop that third pitch. He’ll probably pitch in close to 70 games for me as a reliever with that kind of stamina.


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  • Primemover

    Are the players MLB or Fictional?

  • Troy

    Fictional. Otherwise it would have gone much faster.

  • Thomas Kiley

    That was like reading a foreign language, I understood like none of that, stupid American sport :P

  • Primemover

    A benefit to them being fictional is that you are not pre-disposed to their on/off field history. Being from Boston, I would probably pass on (and spite my team) Manny Ramirez because he was an a-hole here, even though the game would probably have him at a 10 for all his hitting categories.
    Mentioning Manny, does the game have drug testing for the players? How much would that stink if you lost your 1st pick 50 games!

  • James Allen

    Manny Ramirez has a 19/20 rating for “greed” and a 3/20 rating for “leader ability.”
    And there are drug suspensions.

  • bill abner

    The draft was great and, as long as it took — 9 rounds in 9 hours is REALLY fast when you have 15+ people on an IRC channel.

    We have a lot of guys really into the league, which should make it a lot of fun. Online leagues are only as good as the players make it.

    Damn…after last week’s podcast I wish Bruce was playing!

  • steve

    How else would it work if teams didn’t submit draft lists? Players will never be satisfied with a computer draft, no matter how good it is, because it wouldn’t match their own choices 100%.

    I made one list of 100 players—which, to be honest, I spent about 10 minutes in total compiling—then copied it to all rounds. I made a filter to focus on the kinds of players I wanted early on, and will fill out the end of my roster with the players I need to field a team.

    I think the draft is a bit of a crap shoot, so I have little desire to spend too much time on it.

  • bill abner

    I thought your list was good, heh.

  • steve

    Well, there’s a difference between “too much time” and “no time at all,” heh.