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Command and Conquer 4

July 8th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Electronic Arts

Not official yet, but an announcement is on the way. This is why people have to use their Twitter with caution.


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  • David

    How naive would it be to hope that they restore C&C to something of its former glory, or does C&C no longer have a place in the current strategy scene? In a world populated by Sins of a Solar Empire, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War 2, and Demigod Command and Conquer seems too simple and archaic. I would probably have more faith if C&C 3, Kane’s Wrath, and Red Alert 3 turned out better. I don’t think they can push forward without taking more notice of modern innovations.

  • SwiftRanger

    If you read the survey about C&C 4 then it’s clear they’re going for something radically new, a first for EALA to be honest. And yes, they might be taking hints from other games (classbased stuff from World in Conflict, RPG progression from DoW II, etc.).

    I think the biggest mistake Westwood/EALA made was that after Tiberian Sun they only moved towards more of a Blizzard-type RTS which is fine if you make it a spin-off (Generals) but not if you make every other C&C related title like that. Too fast pacing, separate unit abilities (something which reached a ridiculous climax in RA3) and using that same Sage graphics engine for five full games which automatically limited the kind of RTS they can make.

    Point is things really do need to change, they’ve only been making Generals 2 over and over again in the past few years.