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The Final Word on Tower Defense Games

May 16th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Crispy Gamer

If you heard Episode 11 of Three Moves Ahead, then you know that neither Tom Chick nor I have a lot of love for tower defense games. Tom, at least, is man enough to suck it up and devote an entire column to the games anyway.


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  • James Allen

    Me likey the Immortal too:
    That was totally two years ago. Get with the program, Chick!

  • Chris Nahr

    Clearly, tower defense is one of Tom’s Deus Ex genres. “Nearly fell asleep” while playing Defense Grid? Man…

    I don’t understand the comment about having nothing to do during the game, either. Tower defense games (including Defense Grid) usually let you build new turrets and upgrade or destroy existing ones while the enemies are rolling in, so you’re constantly adjusting your defenses.

    Lock’s Quest is a notable exception here, by the way. You only can run your little guy around to repair stuff or have him attack monsters — it’s one reason why I’m not fond of that game.

  • Ginger Yellow

    What Chris said. Also, part of the fun of TD games is sitting back for a bit and watching your masterplan unfold.

    The best thing about Immortal Defence is that the demo is insanely long. Probably really bad for sales, though.