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Theatre of War 2 Is Killing My Patience

May 14th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Battlefront, Wargames

Is it supposed to be this slow?

The opening battle in Theatre of War 2‘s American campaign has you holding off advancing German troops. It’s pretty straightforward, and not all that difficult. Get your guns pointed in the right direction, use your small armor force as a fireman unit to stop any vehicles that get in range and wait for reinforcements.

But it runs like a two legged dog. Choppy, laggy, worse than pretty much any other recent game with this level of graphical fidelity. It improves a little when I drop to a lower setting, but I don’t think I should have to. My computer is not that old, I just upgraded the video card, it’s got multiple cores…

Anyway, it’s a good looking game when it is running smoothly.


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  • George

    I had terrible frame rate issues with Theatre of War 2 – the flash game version from their web site…. pretty indicative for the retail version ;.)

    George Brof

  • spelk

    I was also disappointed with the game, the demo seemed to work fine, in the tutorial level. I bought it because it seemed to address a good looking desert campaign, and since my grandfather was in active duty I was more than keen to enjoy this game.

    No sooner had I purchased it, and got through the complete tutorial mission, than I started the campaign proper. Lo and behold the game more or less froze on me, in fits and starts, simply because of the number of units on display and the games inability to handle it. Ran fine with low numbers in tutorial. Choked to death with any campaign mission. I checked my system specs and they were almost there, I think my processor might be a little underpowered, but hells bells, my machine can handle pretty much any current game off the shelf, and with TOW2 it sank to its knees and wept, playing out an uncontrollable slideshow. To say the game isn’t optimised is an understatement. Even withthe sliders set to the lowest of the low, I couldn’t get it to tick over without chopping. I mean it looked uglier than Stalin vs Martians on a bad day.

    As I said major disappointment, however, I have salted the download away, and I will one day in the future, when we’re jetsetting about in flying cars, fire the baby up and see if I have a machine that can handle it.

  • George (Stuttgart)

    let me emphasize this: I have frame rate issues with the FLASH game… how embarrassing is that?

    George Brof

  • spelk

    I couldn’t get the Flash game to load at all, hung my browser. Tom must’ve got it to work, and he commented on Fidgit that it was better than the actual game it was promoting. Here’s hoping they manage to iron out the problems, optimise it and perhaps one day we’ll be able to play Theatre of War 2. In the meantime, I’d suggest something like Men of War as a replacement.

  • George (Stuttgart)

    I am also on Fidgit :-) It is really sad, that they do not even get a flash game right ;.)

    Men of War or Faces of War are great games…

    George Brof

  • salwon

    Ugh, after playing the first one, why would you ever want a sequel?

    As terrible as the original game was, though, at least I never had any problems running it. Is it as badly optimized as CMSF was on release? They managed to clean that up eventually, but I know BF isn’t the developer here, and who knows if 1C is up to the task.