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Three Moves Ahead Episode 4

March 17th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Podcast, Shrapnel, Three Moves Ahead, Wargames


This week it’s all about wargaming as John Hawkins from KE Studios comes in to talk about War Plan Pacific. Julian Murdoch returns to explain why he doesn’t understand anything, Bruce Geryk would rather talk about Victory in the Pacific, Tom Chick almost rediscovers his love of wargames and Troy Goodfellow resorts to Star Trek Voyager to make a point.

And stay for the end, where John Hawkins unveils his new project!

(Some weather problems at Mr. Hawkins’ end caused a little bit of feedback in places. Be patient.)

Listen to the podcast Here

KE Studios home page
Victory in the Pacific at Board Game Geek
Troy’s review of War Plan Pacific
The perfect strategy podcast?

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  • cheeba

    Another excellent one this time, you really seem to be hitting your stride with these now.

    The distortion on your voice was a little more jarring than the strange lag effects, to be honest. Still, neither spoiled my enjoyment any, they just took a little getting used to.

    Anyway, great work once again, already looking forward to the next one.

  • Erez

    Amazing, amazing ‘cast. I was checking myself to make sure I wasn’t listening to a translated French literature podcast, the level of discussion was so high.

  • Troy

    Thanks, Erez. We try to keep the level of discussion reasonably high, but I think it’s mostly because we’re all pretty old men talking to an audience largely composed of old men.