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Three Moves Ahead Episode 2

March 3rd, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 20 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead

The second episode of TMA talks about Halo Wars, Demigod, Sins of a Solar Empire and Empire: Total War, with slight detours into Lord of the Rings Online, if Jeff Green is allowed to talk anymore and whether or not it is cool to use Google while podcasting.

My panelists are Julian Murdoch, Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk.

The sound quality is much better this time now that I have some idea what I am doing and Julian is not altogether absent. Hope to get this on iTunes by next week.

Main podcast site

Link to file

Tom’s Halo Wars review


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  • Scott R. Krol

    Very awesome. And I see The Chick is promoting the show, that’s great!

  • Thomas Kiley

    If you are interested, I recently completed an interview with one of the two splinter companies of Ensemble Studios, Bonfire Studios (the one that isn’t working on the DLC). Anyhow, you can read it here:

    Loving the Podcast, last episode felt a little unprofessional, but this time was fantastic. It was great listening to the Sins discussion, as I have recently got back in to it.

    On theme, Vic Davies is also always saying about coming up with the theme before the game mechanics with his “thematic sentences”.

    And finally, I think that a coffee should become a unit of time for pacing in RTS games!

  • Scott Kevill

    Is this going to be on iTunes eventually? I’d prefer to keep my subscriptions in one place if possible.

  • Troy

    Eventually, yes. I’ve submitted it to iTunes.

  • Alan Au

    The podcast sounds much better this time, although you did get off topic quite a bit. Gotta reign in that unruly Tom/Bruce/Julian bunch!

  • James Allen

    Speaking of Empire: Total War (mentioned in the podcast), reviews have done a universally horrible job noting the excessive load times associated with the game. The Gamespy review doesn’t even mention them at all. This is something that would significantly impact my opinion of a game: what fun is starting at a loading screen for five minutes?

  • John Hawkins

    what fun is starting at a loading screen for five minutes?

    That’s a cup of coffee right there. Even time to start another pot.

  • Aleck

    Fantastic podcast — even for someone who primarily appreciates RTSes these days from the sidelines. It struck me as weird, however, that Tom — who writes like one cool customer — was clearly excited whenever he opened his mouth. Actually kind of invigorating…

  • Michael A.

    Excellent stuff; looking forward to hearing more.

  • Primemover

    I liked this one even better than the first one. The Sins discussion was great, especially Julian’s comments. My favorite part of it all was how Tom assigned everyone’s qualifications to comment on certain games!
    Is there any more info on the game “Giants” that was discussed during the Demigod talk? It is obviously an older game, but I am not familiar with it, and it sounds like it was ahead of its time.

  • Troy

    The game was Giants:Citizen Kabuto and it was a real treat in its day. You can look up more information pretty much anywhere online.

    But don’t miss Tom’s Shoot Club fiction about the game.

  • Primemover

    Thanks Troy and Feet for the info: GoG reviews it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Hope to check it out, but Sins and E:TW likely to consume my game playing time until, well, forever!

  • Scott

    Well done! I don’t have much time or patience for listening to podcasts, but I enjoyed TMA.

  • Sean Tudor

    Woohoo! It’s in stereo this week. Much easier to listen to. :)

  • Morkilus

    I finally caught this and can’t wait for the next one.

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  • Erez

    Just for the record, The game “Giants” which is mentioned halfway through the podcast, was not by Shiny, but by Planet Moon, which was a company of ex-Shiny employees, and was published by Interplay, Shiny’s publisher at the time.

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