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Happy Birthday Combat Mission

February 9th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Battlefront

Battlefront says that it is Combat Mission’s tenth birthday, and who am I to contradict them?

The most important part of this post is the one screenshot of the upcoming Combat Mission game, returning to the Western Front of WW2. It’s a couple of Tigers dancing in a meadow of flowers.


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  • Dave

    I know I should never judge a game by its cover, let alone a single screenshot, but. . . graphically, for being ten years on, that’s not a terribly impressive screenshot.

    I wonder what they’ve done under the hood. . .

  • Metta

    I loved that game! It’s the closest computer gaming has come to the feeling of being huddled over a tabletop full of miniatures. I remember the exact moment, playing the demo, when I decided to buy it. My troops were gathering around a small town (my Tank already bogged down off in the woods ;O) and I had a machine gunner in the church. I noticed there was a clock tower on the building and I said aloud “I wonder if I can put this guy up in the tower” just as I found the command to do it. I bought it directly and played it for a long, long time.

  • Krupo

    You reminded me of a totally different TBS game… I think it was called Operation Combat 2. Early 90’s.

    Oh what fun.

  • Bruce

    “I wonder what they’ve done under the hood. . .”

    Does it matter? What could they possibly have done with the ballistics calculations that would be an improvement?

  • Jason

    Curving the bullets.

  • cheeba

    Well, if Shock Force has shown us anything, it’s that Battlefront are perfectly capable of completely breaking something that never needed fixing.