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Diplomacy Improved in Empire: Total War

February 4th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Creative Assembly, Preview

Over on Gamespot, Andrew Park has uploaded an interview with Creative Assembly’s James Russell.

Key bits include:

Deeper diplomatic model:

These relationships provide the backdrop to the negotiations that players will be involved with as they strive to develop a network of trade partners and allies, or negotiate military access to enable them to further their expansion. Throwing a nation a suitable gift before asking for a trade agreement or a particular technology trade can often help grease the wheels of negotiation. Similarly, don’t expect a rival to roll out the democratic red carpet if you’ve previously proven untrustworthy. The AI has a far better recollection of previous events than ever before, and it will bear grudges or honor sacrifices.

AI nations will have national or leader specific tactics

Units can be built by generals in the field, not just at cities

A class system will govern national satisfaction

Raiders and trade

Commerce-raiding a rival nation’s trade routes on land and sea is a very effective strategy to boost your own coffers, whilst inflicting hefty damage to an enemy’s economy.

With both Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins now pushed later, my spring will probably be consumed by Empire.


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  • Thomas Kiley

    “Units can be built by generals in the field, not just at cities”

    Does this mean just in the turn based, surely not during the real time battles. They kind of already had that in R:TW (missed Medieval 2) with the whole recruiting mercenaries.

  • moromete

    As each new game approaches release they promise better diplomacy and each time I believe them and each time there are severe limitations and nations which backstab you because you share borders and nothing more.

    Still my spring will also be consumed by Empire. Let’s hope they deliver on the diplomacy front.

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    Regarding Sims 3, is anyone else getting a bad vibe about it? Kind of a SimCity Societies vibe? Wright isn’t involved, the last expansion of Sims 2 (Apartment Life) was released in a very poor state (Disappearing inventory when living in an apartment complex? Really, QA? You didn’t catch that?) , and now it’s been kicked back 4 months two weeks before it was supposed to be released. These are not auspicious signs.

  • Krupo

    @moromete – in previous games the main and diplomacy engines were two different things that didn’t really talk to each other – hence “the crazy”.

    This is supposed to be completely overhauled now. Can’t wait…