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The Symposium is On

December 6th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Media

A couple of days ago, I pointed you to some questions Shawn Elliott was going to pose to a symposium on game reviews that never quite got off the ground.

Well, it’s on.

And he has gathered some of the best and most interesting writers in the business. My respect for Tom Chick, Kieron Gillen and N’gai Croal needs no further comment. Leigh Alexander is one of the best minds writing about gaming today, and is always provocative without being annoying. Robert Ashley was Elliott’s partner in crime at 1up, but he’s contributed a bunch of great features to Ziff.

And all the rest. Really no second stringers in that lot. It’s not Murderer’s Row, but maybe the Gashouse Gang.

Even though I’m exhausted by discussion on this topic, the line up here makes me curious as to what will come out. I know some of these guys/gal through their work and other comments, so I don’t expect a lot of surprises. But if one pops up, I’ll be sure to comment.

Mostly, I’ll follow the conversation where it transpires and encourage you all to pay attention, too.


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