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Nile Online

October 29th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · City Builder, Tilted Mill

Tilted Mill is having a busy year. An expansion for SimCity Societies, an expansion for Children of the Nile, Hinterland, Mosby’s Confederacy and now Immortal Cities: Nile Online, a browser based city builder that will probably be a prettier and more sophisticated version of Travian or Ikariam. Like Ikariam, Nile Online is about resource trading. In order to build everything, you will need to make deals with other players.

I’d tell you more about it but I can’t log in to my beta account for some reason. If there’s an activation email post registration, I haven’t gotten it yet. (EDIT: Working now. May have been a problem on my end.)

It’s not surprising that a mid-range developer would move into this browser builder space. They have to overcome the big problems with the free games named above – how do you keep players invested in the game once they’ve seen everything and how do you deal with conflict, if you included military forces.

If and when I can access my beta account, I’ll let you know how it looks.


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