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American Civil War

February 28th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · AGEOD, Civil War, Gameshark, Review

My review of AGEod’s American Civil War is now up at Gameshark. I really like what AGEod has been doing, and this title is a smart pickup for CDV.


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  • Wahoo

    This game really intrigues me and everything I’ve read about has nothing but praise. Only drawback is I’m not sure my PC can handle it and the wife already thinks I play Dom 3 too much.

    I will say some of the mechanics reminds me of the old Victory Games board game Civil War. I think that board game is the best overall Civil War board game ever made and has some of the same choices…Army structure was key. Naval forces are key with CSA commerce raiders being somewhat of a luxury the CSA usually can’t use.

    Finally, the Forrest quote is” fustest with the mostest”…but it’s doubtful that forrest ever said that.

    He did have the brilliant war means fightin’ and fight’in means killing. My favorite Forrest quote has always been “no damn man kills me and lives.” after he had been attacked by a fellow CSA officer.

  • Troy

    I’ve read both versions of the alleged Forrest quote, but spellcheck gave me enough grief with “firstest”. Since he would have been allegedly saying it instead of spelling it, “firstest” works fine since that’s what he meant.

    As for whether you should listen to your wife, I leave that to your sense of survival.

  • Wahoo

    Going to download the Demo and see if it works. If it does, I’ll buy it. On boardgamegeek, lot of the folks with praise of Victory Games, ove the AEGD.

    I have some of the Tiller scenarios but an excellent, strategic CW game has been rare.

    This will be the 3rd game I’ve tried based mostly on your recommendations, so thanks.

  • Scott R. Krol

    Wahoo, you can never play too much Dom 3. In fact, your wife should buy a copy so she can also play. And if you have any kids, they should also. The dog too. The canine market is woefully underrepresented at the moment.

  • MikeO

    This is the best strategic ACW computer game ever made, IMO, but, as Troy mentioned, it can be a little intimidating at first. AGEod forums are a good place to get started — some of the AARs, in particular, can give newbies a good overview.

  • Bruce

    Definitely a good Civil War game – much better than Forge of Freedom. I think AGEOD has pretty much nailed 19th-century (and late 18th!)warfare with this system.

  • Scott R. Krol

    AGEOD does amazing stuff, and I love the fact that they take their cues from board gaming, rather than going for shock and awe.

    I’d love for them to tackle a medieval game now.