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Unnecessary Warnings

August 27th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Industry, Wargames

I’m not a doctor. Or at least not the kind of doctor that can do you any good.

So maybe there is a legitimate reason why Guns of August has an epilepsy warning.

It seems like a very unlikely game to cause seizures, though. Especially since the warning cites “strong, flashing lights” as a trigger. Guns of August has very few flashing anythings.

I’ve only just gotten around to trying it out, but it looks like this is “read the manual first” game. I’ve been staring at the UI for a while completely unsure of what I am supposed to be doing. It’s been getting good buzz and it does fit that World War I gap in my strategy gaming diet.


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  • Mark L

    I quite enjoyed it once I figured it out. Thus far I’ve managed a CP win in 1917 and a TE win in 1915, the latter mostly thanks to my “Austria First” plan of attack. I feel like the game does a good job of modeling the ponderous nature of the conflict with the HQ activation schema, which allows you to make some really tough choices. I also like the intense fog of war, and the way cavalry is used.

    One feeling I have, though, is that some technologies seem far less useful than others, particularly Assault and Tanks. They seem too expensive for the benefits they bring. Additionally, the Yanks never really seem to come into play in any big way. There are also myriad interface issues. Nonetheless, I feel at its core is a really interesting game, and everything wrong with it can in theory be patched away. The core of the game is a great exercise in wargaming an underrepresented war.

  • Troy

    The interface is terrible – easily one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time.

    As the Central Powers in 1914, I have to declare war on Belgium it seems, which makes no sense since I should already be at war with them – that’s what persuades the British to come in. Not to mention the fact that there is no way to win in the West without going through Belgium. (Obvious decisions should already be made for me.)

  • Mark L

    I do not think it is correct that you can’t win in the West without going through Belgium. The French lines can be smashed by a concerted enough attack, particularly once you get gas. This will leave you a bit weaker in the East but if you use the fleet to block Britain’s ability to transport industrial points to Russia, the Russians probably will not be able to afford the command points to seize their advantage.

    Unfortunately, even though you can do this, I am not sure if it is really worth it…. you don’t have to fight the Belgians, and the Brits won’t be able to land troops in Antwerp, but so that is something, but….I don’t know. I think he needs to penalize the British somehow if the Belgians don’t enter the fight. Hell, he might do that already, the lamentably poor documentation does not help matters here!