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Supreme Ruler 2020

August 20th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Preview, RTS

In my review of Battlegoat’s Supreme Ruler 2010, I called the game a “first draft of the future”, a reference not simply to the setting of the game but to Battlegoat’s promise as a designer. I could see lots of little things in the game that I found appealing.

So it’s with a conflicted heart that I write about the upcoming Supreme Ruler 2020, a sequel that will be published by Paradox. (A colleague has theorized that Paradox is becoming this generation’s Strategy First – they’ll publish anything.)

SR2010 had a unique aesthetic, demonstrated a clear understanding that conquering a region can be as fun as conquering the world, and was an attempt to integrate domestic political restraints on player action.

I was kind of hoping they’d do something different this time around.

Instead we get a sequel that promises “many new features.”

From the press release:

Supreme Ruler 2020 includes the use of 3D for both Map Elements and Military Units, high resolution satellite imagery, numerous gameplay options like World ‘Sandbox’ mode and much more.

SR2010 already had too much. Too many ministries that could be easily overridden, too much stuff on the map to track, etc. And though I’m not one to harp on how 3D is ruining the world, unless they can overcome those problems, the 3D will add zilch.

The also refer to their game as “award winning”, which I assume is reference to their Canadian Elan prize. SR2010 was one of only two nominees in the PC category, the other being a game based on a children’s TV show.

There will be a presentation at Leipzig, so if anybody here is there, feel free to enlighten me.


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  • Scott R. Krol

    “There will be a presentation at Leipzig…”

    And like magic my question is answered. :)

    On SR2010 I have to admit that while I normally enjoy games with depth, I felt completely overwhelmed with SR2010. I tried to stick with it, but it always just felt more like work than fun…