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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War

November 1st, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

Though not the worst strategy game name ever, Bladestorm has to be up there. It sounds action packed and full of sword-hacking fun. Instead it is the newest Koei action/strategy game for the Playstation 3. First unveiled at last spring’s E3, new details are emerging about PS3: Total War.

You will play a mercenary captain in the Hundred Year’s War, accepting missions from either the French or the English depending on your whims. This “Free Mission” system is designed to give you great flexibility and replay value, plus the opportunity to see things from both sides of the battlefield. I guess the idea is that you are only fighting for yourself. Successful combat means more soldiers under your control, and, like in the Total War games, experienced troops more useful on the battlefield.

You will be able to experience battle beside or against Joan of Arc and Edward the Black Prince, even though the latter was dead for forty years before Joan was even born; almost sixty years separates their military careers. But Bladestorm will apparently also have elephants. I doubt that an accurate historical chronology is a prime concern. So far no giant crabs.

Screenshots to this point have focused on the battle screens, without much clue as to how the armies get assigned to battles. Missions, I assume, get assigned in some other interface. A campaign maybe? It’s being designed by the Dynasty Warriors 5 team, so maybe the combat is all there is. Gamespot describes it as a “brawler” though the description and images make it look more like a light role playing wargame.

So, I’m once again curious about the wargaming/strategy potential of the console.


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