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Rise of Legends Packaging

May 24th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’m still trying to suss out the nuances in Rise of Legends. I’ve been told this is a game for RTS wonks, which I used to be but haven’t the time for now, so my initial impressions are mixed.

Since I have no intelligent commentary on the game for the moment, I’ll talk a bit about the box.

First, DVD cases should have DVDs, especially if they don’t have room for four CDs. Three were stuck on the spindle of the box and a fourth was in a paper sleeve tucked behind the manual and reference card. And the sleeve protected one wasn’t the play disc, either.

Second, I love the artwork on the box. Stylish lettering, nice drawings. But the screenshots on the back of the box are much too small. The words “real time strategy” are on the front of the box, but someone taking this box off the shelf could still have little sense of what this game looks like or how it plays. The back of the box is taken up with literary descriptions of the three factions, each one getting a tiny a little screenshot that shows next to nothing. The Vinci one is drawn from the campaign, I think.

Third, the box says that Rise of Nations was “The 2003 Game of Year”. It was? Where? The AIAS gave the PC Game of the Year title to Call of Duty. Rise of Nations didn’t even win PC strategy game of the year; that went to Command and Conquer: Generals.

Rise of Nations was Gamespot’s Game of the Year for 2003, so this must be what they are referring to. Makes sense. Gamespot is the biggest gaming site, so their choice has a certain cachet to it. And I agree with the choice, actually. But the label “2003 Game of Year” sort of suggests that this was some official decision by some official body like the Oscar people.

But it’s still a very pretty box.


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