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Ever want to write about games?

June 22nd, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

A different type of post here. My sometime writing home Game Method is looking for more writing staff, preferably people who can contribute to the site in other ways as well. Here’s the link. They cover consoles and PCs, so whatever your poison is.

The payment for this? Well, nothing except seeing your name on a byline or a staff page. The occasional game.

So why do it? Well, if you want to ever get paid for this, you need a portfolio of work to show and you can only get that through writing for free. Bleak, but true. There is an art to this sort of thing and it takes time to find your own voice.

Why do it for Game Method? Because I like these guys, I guess. The site has been in a bit of a slow period after E3 (recovery period, I suppose), but I can vouch for the professionalism and courtesy of the senior staff. (The editor in chief even has the gall to edit me!) They aren’t Gamespy or Gamespot, but they are real pros at what they do and I want them to make their little corner of the internet something worth visiting.

If you are at least curious, drop them a line.


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  • Jim9137

    I would so apply, but I have two things:

    A) I don’t have a proper computer.
    B) I don’t have age of 18.

    Damnation, but thanks for the head’s-u+p. Maybe some of the lurkers will join the fray…


  • Jim9137

    I also wonder where that + came from.

  • Fuzzydevil

    Interesting and possible, though I’ve just started writing properly for Jim’s blog. Will give it a look, though, as I’m certainly intrigued…