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Game Design Panels at GDC

January 22nd, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · GDC

So far it looks like I’ve been passed over for an official invite to the now smaller and more focused Game Developers’ Conference.

Which is too bad, because these look really interesting talks.

A game design challenge about sex and autobiography, Big Huge Games opening up about their RPG, iterative design in Mass Effect 2…

Full list of panels here, with more interesting stuff. What’s next after Spore? Brad Wardell on producing hardcore indie games. How AI fits in with gameplay design. The 10 Features of Highly Successful Game Designers. Tactical AI in Dawn of War 2.

Even though it looks like I may not be there, this is the sort of stuff that makes GDC special. I’m glad they have reduced the media footprint since the conference really was turning into a bunch of panels that bookended Keynote Addresses designed for press release hype. All the real action was in the conference rooms. But I’m a lapsed academic, so I love panels.


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  • Alan Au

    GDC has been disappointing in recent years (massive press conferences, too many “beginner-level” sessions), but this year’s line-up looks pretty good.

  • Scott R. Krol

    No love from Crispy Gamer? They’re not going?

  • Troy

    CG will certainly have people there, but as a freelancer, I’ll need to get my invite. No need for the entire staff to be there.

  • Jason McMaster

    I think it came down to too many of us wanting to go. I could probably get in but I’m not sure I’m ready for this year, probably next.

    We’ll have to huddle together in the unwanted section for the first part of 09, Troy.

  • Alan Au

    If you’re worried about the conference fees, there’s always the volunteer route (which has its perks and responsibilities). Probably a little late to apply for this year’s crew though.

  • Troy

    Volunteering is a great idea, but it really interferes with your ability to get much done on the work end.